Saving Tomorrow’s Cocoa, Today

Our chocolate has been loved the world over for more than 100 years. But to ensure we can continue providing chocolate for future generations, we know sustainable cocoa production is key. 

As part of our Sustainable In A Generation Plan — which aims to ensure a healthy planet, help people thrive, and nourish wellbeing — we’re taking a deep look into every aspect of our business and how the ingredients that make our products are grown or harvested. This, of course, includes the cocoa supplied for our brands like M&Ms®, Twix®, Dove® and Snickers®.

Improving Global Health & Wellbeing, One Meal at a Time

Our Global Health and Wellbeing Ambition has a simple objective: We are working toward our ambition to deliver 1 billion more healthy meals, for a total of 4 billion healthy meals, shared on dinner tables around the world by 2021. Our bold ambition is inspired by our Mars Food purpose — Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow. And our Associates work every day to champion the importance of dinnertime by inspiring people to cook and eat together.

A Future for Every Farmer

After more than a century in business, we've learned a few things — namely that the most successful and sustainable business practices are those that mutually benefit everyone involved. As a global food business, we're dependent on smallholder farms. So it's our responsibility to ensure smallholder farmers who grow ingredients essential to Mars products are able to earn an income that allows them to support their farms, families and communities now and into the future.