Pup Power
Proudly Presenting ‘Superpower Dogs’
Bringing Our Petcare Purpose to the Big Screen

Dogs have been helping humans for tens of thousands of years. And as more and more people recognize how pets make our world a better place, it was time to bring the extraordinary abilities of dogs to the screen — the giant screen.

“Superpower Dogs” is an immersive 3D giant screen IMAX® film and educational experience that celebrates the amazing true stories of dogs with extraordinary abilities who save lives and make the world a better place. The experience will reach millions of people over several years, starting in March 2019 when it begins to roll out through the most prestigious and visited museums and science centers around the world. Watch the trailer below:

“Superpower Dogs” reinforces the extraordinary ways pets makes our lives better and strongly support the Mars Petcare purpose.

As the presenting sponsor, several Mars Petcare brands are actively supporting the film, including the PEDIGREE® and EUKANUBA™ dog food brands, BANFIELD™ Pet Hospital, WHISTLE™ GPS Pet Tracker and WISDOM PANEL™ Canine DNA Test. Through its sponsorship, Mars Petcare is providing museums and theaters with a variety of educational materials on the science of dogs, importance of responsible pet ownership and how to help end pet homelessness from its various programs and brands, including Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, BANFIELD™ Pet Hospital and BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™. 

Furthermore, we want to create global awareness and excitement for all 100-plus Mars associates around the world and, as much as possible, secure opportunities for them and their families to see the movie.

The Power of Dogs Is Truly Remarkable

The movie, created by Cosmic Pictures, takes viewers on a journey across the world, following the true stories of some of the most accomplished working dog heroes and their human partners to places such as:

  • Florida, where a rookie puppy and runt-of-the-litter Halo trains to join one of the most elite disaster response teams in the country.
  • Canada, where Henry, a border collie, longlines from helicopters to save people buried in avalanches.
  • Italy, where Newfoundland water-rescue dog, Reef, and his associates save hundreds of people from drowning every year.
  • Kenya, where the bloodhound brothers, Tipper and Tony, protect endangered species, such as elephants and rhinos, by helping to bring poachers to justice.
  • California, where a surf legend, Ricochet, helps transform the lives of autistic children and soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Be sure to follow @SuperpowerDogs on social media for more news and check out SuperpowerDogs.com to find a theater near you.

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