Empowering Women to Thrive

Every decision we make as a business today is done with a vision of a better future — and not just our future. Women provide 45 percent of the labor in the cocoa industry, yet they rarely have access to the training programs and education to support them. At Mars, we have a commitment to women, backed by bold ambition and matched by decisive action. We aspire to create truly beneficial financial programs to help improve the working lives of women in our Cote d’Ivoire cocoa-producing communities.

An Award for Altruism

As a global company with the footprint of a small country, we know we make a big impact on the world. And with that comes a responsibility to make sure we do right for the many communities where we work and live. One way we do that is through our Mars Volunteer Program (MVP), where Associates give their time and talents to causes important to them, from animal welfare to environmental activism. It’s our way of taking action today to create the world we want tomorrow. 

Chew Your Way to a Better You

We’re working hard to create a happier, healthier tomorrow for you and your teeth! Turns out, having a healthier smile — and sharper mental focus — could be as simple as chewing sugar-free gum.

Gum + Oral Health

Worldwide, oral diseases are the fourth most expensive conditions to treat. And while tooth decay is largely preventable, it still affects anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of schoolchildren and nearly all adults.

A Fresh Approach to Women’s Empowerment

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are: It’s impossible to create a better future if everyone doesn’t get a fair shake or the opportunity to advance themselves. Breaking down barriers and putting in place programs and systems that not only allow for that advancement, but also encourage it, are essential if progress is part of the plan.

Historically though, women often don’t have access to these opportunities.