Women of Mars
Meet Laura Pletz, Scientific Services Manager
Royal Canin, Americas, St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Claim to fame: Even though 8 of 10 veterinary students are women, they’re still underrepresented when it comes to occupying leadership positions. We’re proud of #WomenOfMars like Laura, who led a team that hosted Royal Canin’s first-ever Women’s Veterinary Leadership Forum.

Her hero: “My mentor when I was young was my math teacher, who was also my mother. I assumed it was common for women to have jobs in STEM.”

Big awakening: “It wasn’t until college that I realized there were fewer women in the field, and saw how important it is to have women as role models for young girls to believe STEM is a place for them too.”

Advocacy tactic: “It can be uncomfortable to speak up. But over time, your input can help shape a more open environment essential to creating a more diverse workplace.”

We’re proud of role models like Laura who are leading the way for women in veterinary science!

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