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10 Billion People Are Coming to Dinner
Here’s How Mars Works Hard to Ensure There’s Food at the Table for Everyone

Our Global President, Mars Food, Multisales and Global Customers, Fiona Dawson, wrote a compelling piece for The Telegraph in the U.K., emphasizing obligations businesses have to rise to the challenge of feeding a growing planet with limited resources. Today, rice is a daily staple for 3.5 billion people worldwide. Tomorrow, we need to increase rice production 25% in the next 25 years to feed our growing global population. 

She explained our Sustainable in a Generation Plan, which acknowledges how quick incremental fixes won’t keep pace with population growth. Instead, our goal requires far-reaching systemic change. And our work with rice farmers is producing some encouraging results, including a 32% rise in income for participating farmers, a 17% rise in yield, paired with a 30% reduction in water use in India and Pakistan. 

And there are even more ambitious benchmarks set for the near future: by 2020, Mars plans to source all rice from farmers working towards the Sustainable Rice Platform standard. Today, 87% of Mars’ rice comes from these farmers, up from 10% in 2016. 

Read more about our work and transformation here.

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